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Volunteer strata councils often engage strata agents to assist in the administration and management of funds, owner requirements and physical buildings. Because these strata properties represent valuable assets to more than 1.5 million people in B.C. — three-quarters of them in Kelowna, Victoria and Vancouver — the professional and ethical management of these properties is a vital form of risk management and a way to ensure the ongoing soundness of properties. The Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia provides the regulations and licensing requirements that all strata management brokerages must meet.

Absolutely! Strata agents, or anyone who directly provides services listed in the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia, needs to be licensed pursuant to the provision of the act. The Real Estate Council of B.C. is responsible for the licensing, educating and disciplining individuals and brokerages engaged in real estate sales, rental property and strata management.

Again, yes. All strata management companies in B.C. that provide management services to strata corporations must be licensed pursuant to the provisions of the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia.

Certain qualifying circumstances and individuals that are exempt from the licensing requirement. (See the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia, Part Two, Division Four, Sec.2.17)

Visit the Real Estate Council of B.C., which is the supervising body of all real estate activities in British Columbia, and search under licensee information to confirm both individual licensees as well as brokerages.

No. SPABC is an association of member companies who choose to be part of a group committed to providing professional strata management services to their clients and to continually improve the education and professional qualities of their licensed strata management representatives.

SPABC is registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia and is governed by its own constitution, bylaws and code of ethics, which members abide by.

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