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The Strata Property Agents of British Columbia is an industry association developed to represent the interests and issues of the many strata management companies working throughout the province of BC. The association was established in 2000 and represents dozens of property management companies - specifically residential strata management companies - acting as "agents" for approximately 350,000 strata lot units.

About The Industry

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The British Columbia condominium industry is extensive, with more than 28,900 strata corporations consisting of more than 900,000 individual units. This represents property values in excess of $180 billion. The annual funds administered by these strata corporations are in excess of $1.5 billion - consisting of more than a $1 billion of operating funds and one-half billion dollars of contingency reserve funds. Volunteer strata corporations often engage strata agents to assist in the administration and management of funds, physical buildings, and owner requirements.

What We Do

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The purpose of SPABC is to bring BC property management companies together to develop and uphold common standards of performance and ethics; to provide education and research to industry members as well as the general public; and to be a united, effective voice to various levels of government. For individuals looking for information on specific strata matters, please visit our page for recommended sources. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific answers to strata unit owners. However, the Links page does contain valuable web-sources of information.